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I am a rabbi, coach and healer with over a decade of experience supporting and guiding

hundreds of people through challenging life situations. In my practice I primarily focus on:

Relationships (eg marriage, divorce etc)
Self Development

Originally from Sydney Australia, I now live in Detroit. My passion is creating a safe and supportive environment for my clients, helping them develop self compassion and self leadership, while simultaneously helping them achieve their big dreams and goals.

I'm a divorced father of 5 children. 

Men in a Meeting

Discovery Session

For first time clients, this 45 minute session gives us enough time to see if we're a good fit, at a much reduced rate, so there's  less pressure

Conversation in office

One on One

Coaching and Healing

For my regular clients, book in here for a 45 minute session.


Couples Counseling

1 hour couple counseling session

Giving you the practical tools to overcome conflict, and the deeper understandings of what's under the surface


This work (with David) has been so incredibly helpful to me both personally AND professionally. I've been able to develop new insights about ways I've been stuck and holding myself back, and have been able to resolve them to move forward. David has helped push me to go deeper in my self-exploration and I feel more confident than ever to be successful in my career. I've been a therapist for over a decade and this has honestly been more helpful to me than any other therapy or coaching I've ever completed! And I am making more money now than ever before! 

Jill Boyle

Directly from the start, David came to each session with full presence, prepared with creative ideas and full commitment to support our goals. His sense of humor and gentle yet direct manner, helped expose new awarenesses in our marriage of 18 years. David offered easy to implement tools to apply to our specific relational needs. Any “homework“ was just the right dose to churn the depths. I highly recommend David’s expertise and warm demeanor to anyone seeking personal or relationship transformation.

L in Minnesota

Hey Da-vid, I just wanted to come back and say THANK YOU so much for the coaching. I had never experienced such a profound shift in just one session as I did in our discovery call, and each session got me moving in a different way. I am still doing the breathwork you recommended and I love it even with all of the crazy things that have happened in my life in the past few weeks I still am moving forward. You really do have a knack for deep coaching and provide such a safe space for whatever comes up. Thanks again for an amazing journey!

Stephanie in Texas


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